Welcome to the world of the Senior Thesis, the capstone of the classical experience whereby students are invited to select a topic of personal interest to them, conduct extensive research driven by questions and uncertainties, and communicate their findings in a compelling, engaging, and original way. The Senior Thesis essay is a research-driven argument that explores a topic thoroughly and aims to persuade a reader of truth or perspective as evidenced by abundant source material and compelling rhetoric.

Senior Pics Edit -7

Class of 2024

"Abiding in Christ: The Extraordinary Command for our Ordinary Lives"
written by Eleanor Schuitema, class of 2024

"A Trip Down Memory Lane: How Nostalgia is Affecting our Lives"
written by Paityn Thordarson, class of 2024

"An Endless Pursuit of Want"
written by Elijah Turner, class of 2024

"The Perfect Answer or the Perfect Baby? Exploring and Analyzing the Ethics of Genetic Engineering in Humans"
written by Micah Timmons, class of 2024

"Busy is a Bully: Recognizing the Myth and Rediscovering True Productivity"
written by Elizabeth Feiock, class of 2024

"Learning to Press Mute: The Study of a Society Fueled by Political Noise"
written by Jonathan Doud, class of 2024

"How to Change your Life: One Thought at a Time"
written by Riley Harvey, class of 2024

"The Destructive Nature of Technology"
written by Sarah Seals, class of 2024

"Boys to Men: God's Design for Biblical Manhood and Servant Leadership"
written by Luke Osborne, class of 2024

"Striving for Perfection: A Society that Lacks the Ability to be Vulnerable"
written by Haley Litz, class of 2024

"Feminism Versus the Family: How Feminism has Attacked Traditional Gender Roles and Undermined God's Design"
written by a member of the class of 2024

"Boys Versus Girls: A Biblical View of Gender Roles in an Exponentially Competitive Culture"
written by a member of the class of 2024

Class of 2023

"Their Faith will Increase: The Importance of Youth Ministry"
written by Natalie Awabdy, class of 2023

"A Numb Little Bug: How Apathy & Cynicism Affect Individuals & Relationships"
written by Elise Hosfield, class of 2023

"The Call of Beauty: How Beauty Encourages Us Towards Humble Living"
written by Taryn Lengacher, class of 2023

"Learning to take first steps: Cultivating a growth mindset"
written by a member of the class of 2023

"Temporary Fulfillment vs. True Freedom: Redefining the Cultural View of Love that Mankind has Distorted"
written by Hannah Haskins, class of 2023

"The Unseen Battle of Mental Health Disorders in Teens"
written by Olivia Perkins, class of 2023

Class of 2022

“Glorious Happiness: Having and Sharing the Grace of God”
written by a member of the class of 2022

“Peter Pan’s Escape from Neverland – A Cultural Crisis”
written by a member of the class of 2022

“Servant Leadership: The Proper Way to Guide and Foster a Faith-Driven Relationship”
written by Tate Calhoun, class of 2022

“With Deepest Regrets: The Mistakes of your Past are the Key to Your Future”
written by a member of the class of 2022

“Censorship: Good, Evil, or Simply Misunderstood?”
written by Joshua Litz, class of 2022

“Seeking to Savor Glory in Scripture”
written by William Schuitema, class of 2022

“Failure + Perspective: Success”
written by a member of the class of 2022

“Joy and the Beauty of Suffering”
written by a member of the class of 2022