TMS High School

Our high school meets twice weekly, and classes are characterized by rigorous coursework, discussion-based learning with an emphasis on the Socratic style, and small classes that allow for strong relationships to form between teacher-tutors and students. Our curriculum sequence is carefully crafted so that students are first taught to think soundly, then instilled with a strong theological foundation for their beliefs so that they can discern what is truth, and finally are given the tools to masterfully share truth with others. Outside of the classroom, students are involved in a variety of activities and traditions together.


All high school students are required to take a core selection of humanities courses. Taught in the morning, these classes cover literature, composition, history, speech, logic, rhetoric, worldview, and more. In the senior Dialectic year (9th grade), students are trained to think soundly and independently. In the Rhetoric years (grades 10th-12th), we seek to instill a strong Christian worldview in students and then teach them to skillfully, eloquently, and thoughtfully convey and proliferate that worldview to others so that they are lights for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. For the complete list of courses, please look at our HS Scope & Sequence.

In the afternoon, we offer a variety of additional opportunities that many students elect to take. While course offerings are dependent on enrollment each year, typical offerings include multiple classes in math (Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra I & II, Trig/Pre-Calculus), science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Cell Biology), language (Latin II-V), Yearbook, Drama, Government, and Economics. These classes are only available to students who are enrolled in the humanities core.


The TMS High School is marked by a number of traditions, events, and community activities. There's the annual play performed by the Drama Club and the signing of yearbooks created by our yearbook team. There are our Latin students, a coalition of which attends and competes at the Indiana Junior Classical League convention every March, where we have a consistent record of laughing while tying on bed sheets as togas and also of performing well -- in 2018, TMS won second place in the large schools category. There's an opening high school retreat, a yearly trip to Kings Island amusement park, spirit days, the Signature Night at which students display their end-of-year projects, Third Thursday morning devotional time with seniors serving as small group leaders, and a full graduation ceremony and senior thesis presentation breakfast each May.

Being a TMS high schooler is more than just coming to class every Monday and Thursday. It means joining a rich, tight-knit community full of opportunities and fun.

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